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Exercise 35: Passive Voice

1.  The president is called (by somebody) every day
2.  The other members are being called by John
3.  Mr. Watson will be called (by somebody) tonight
4.  Considerable damage has been caused by the fire
5.  The supplies for this class should be bought by the teacher

Exercise 36: Causative Verbs

1.   Leave
2.   Repaired
3.   To type
4.   Call
5.   Painted
6.   Write
7.   Lie
8.   Sent
9.   Cut
10.  To sign
11.  Leave
12.  To Wash
13.  Fixed
14.  Published
15.  Find

Fungsi Causative 

Causative digunakan ketika menginginkan seseorang untuk melakukan sesuatu untuk kita atau kita menginginkan sesuatu tersebut terselesaikan untuk kita. Ada dua jenis bentuk causative, yaitu active Causative dan Passive Causative

Rumus dan Contoh Penggunaan Causative
1.    Active Causative (Subject menyebabkan object melakukan sesuatu)
Subject + (have - had/make - made/let/help) + Object (person) + Verb 1

She had John clean this room.
(Artinya: Dia menyuruh/meminta John membersihkan ruangan ini)
They make us help them every morning.
My mother has my uncle kill the dog.
Subject + (ask/get - got/allow) + Object (person/ orang) + to + Verb 1

She got John to clean this room.
(Artinya: Dia menyuruh/meminta John membersihkan ruangan ini)
We got the boy to repair the car yesterday.
They ask me to send the letter.
Pada kalimat Active Causative, Object-nya adalah orang dan menggunakan kata kerja bentuk pertama (VERB 1).
2.    Passive Causative (Subject menginginkan object diselesaikan oleh seseorang)
Subject + (have - had/get - got) + Object (thing/ benda) + Verb 3

She got this room cleaned.
(Artinya: Dia menyuruh/meminta ruangan ini dibersihkan)
My father had the car painted in the garage.
We have our clothes cleaned at the dry-cleaned.

Pada kalimat Passive Causative, Object-nya adalah benda dan menggunakan kata kerja bentuk ketiga (VERB 3).

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